Bronwen Hazlett
BIOGRAPHY I am from many places but nowhere specific. My Dad was a career Navy doctor who took us from where I was born in Japan, to the Mid-Atlantic states, and back to Japan again before I went to art school. Both of my parents were artists with a love for photography. My Mom collaged, painted, & made jewelry while earning a Master’s in Art Therapy. A full time Navy Physician, my Dad made pottery, sculpture, and collage too. Both were exhibiting artists in Tokyo with their collage in the early 70s. My Dad gave me my first camera at 6 and when I was 14 gave me his Nikon. I graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art in ’92 with my BFA in Photography. While working as a graphic designer for a small publishing company, I finally found my dream job as an “in-house” advertising agency photographer. Years later, I set aside my dream to stay home and raise two daughters. I freelanced while I was a stay-at-home Mom but it wasn’t enough. As my daughters grew up, I knew I wanted to become an Art Educator. Finally, in 2014, I went back to school to earn my MFA in Photography with the goal to teach on the College level. In the Fall of 2016 I began teaching Photography 1 at a local community college and in May of 2017, I will have completed classes and earn a Master’s in photography.
"Dark Monkey" - Blue Van Dyke - 12"x18" - 2015

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